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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Very slick. These guys obviously know how to use the internet but thankfully they also know how to write. Its a blog/magazine ... or is it? It can be hard to define these things now days. Whatever it is I like it.

Initially the page is slow to load and the links to their facebook, twitter etc take you away from the main site but the fact is it doesnt stop you from clicking the back button and continuing to read through their very regular entries.

Ok they are posting any exclusive stories but they are putting together all the weird and wonderful news in a place that is easy to read.

Oh and if you guys are reading this (and I hope you are) .... watch Fringe for the love of God and include it in your TV section!


Friday, March 13, 2009


I kept meaning to review ParanormalKnowledge since before Thanks Giving but the entries are so regular I always had something new to read! Thats the beauty of the site, while its nothing amazing to look at it will always have something new and interesting to wet your appetite. It had a few great clips that made me fall in love with YouTube again too.

I say its not much to look at but thats not important, nor is the fact that with many of the entries its quantity or quality. I know all that sounds bad but sometimes you just need to be bombarded with plenty of everything ... and then some!



I'm not sure if its for me but I've decided to give it a try? Feel free to add me, I'm the only Earl Pursuant on there it seems!


Western New York Paranormal is unfortunately a nice looking blog-style site. I say unfortunately because it hasnt been updated in 3 months and its a bit of a waste. I found the site when I was researching haunted objects and the article A Possessed Possession was quite good. Its obvious that this isnt their first site as it only goes back to September 2008 and I know the group have been around for at last 3 years.

The content is good and not just copied from other sites, the look is clean (its hard to find a bad wordpress template) but I'd just like to see more? Part of what I want to see is something about the individuals themselves.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009


CrypticMedia = Simple & Enjoyable. I could end the review there .... but I won't. Ok so they claim to be the first website dedicated to paranormal videos (ghosts, UFOs, cryptids etc) but they're not - I'm not going to let a little false claim like that stop me from enjoying a site that simply delivers awesome videos without a load of other stuff cluttering up the screen.

So what can they fix? Well if I was to meet them on the street I'd say "Hey, nice site. Would it be possible to bring up the size of the videos a bit?". When I do find a video on there that catches my eye I usually end up going to the CrypticMedia YouTube Channel to view it a bit bigger. I mean if the footage allows it then they should show it as best they can, right?

As thats my only problem with the site I have to compliment them on a nice clean template, and good use of color. You're pretty much guarunteed a new video everyday which may not be a huge amount but at least you can digest what you view.


Monday, January 5, 2009


Ok so, PARANORMAL WASHINGTON! Well to start off the New Year I decided to google Paranormal 2009 and this was the first site to come back that was reviewable (is that a word?).

Not a bad site to stumble across as it happens. Sure its a little slow to load at times (not my connection folks) but its only because they have everything. In some cases I would say they have to much but really they are using everything they have rather than just adding crap for the sake of it.

The graphics are nice enough, colors kept simple and the content is well written.

Anyway it looks like a site for a particular and localized community and in that serves them very well. I'd like to see a few more groups adopt this approach rather than aiming for global appeal and landing on their asses.


Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Yes a rehash of last years message and graphic but .... well .... its been a crazy few weeks and I am exhausted!

So anyway, Happy New Year to all of you and lets make it a wonderful 2009!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Stepping away from Investigation groups for a bit now we have PROFILING THE UNEXPLAINED. Its going to be hard for me to find fault with this site as there has obviously a fair bit of thought put into it. The stories and content are great and not just a copy and paste of what you see on so many other site. The logo and color scheme really sets the mood.

Now I'll try to point out some issues:

• The fonts need to be consistant. When you look at the Poe article its in times when the previous is in helvetica.
• The Gallery is listed under the Forums top button and that seems a bit strange?
• "Investigation at Haunted Lexington Mansion" on the right is misaligned with the box behind it.

Basically some little bits are just being let go and while most wont notice (or care) they are simple fixes and worth doing.

The multimedia section is very good and has loads of content - not surprising for a 3 year old site. Maybe if they videos could be catagorized it would help those who dont have as broad an interest as t his site caters for?


Monday, November 10, 2008

Hawaiian Island Ghost Hunters: REVIEW 072

Hawaiian Island Ghost Hunters, I'll try to remain fair but the fact they get to live in Hawaii and I don't might swing against them!

Anyway, straight into it. Well first off I love the name (HiGH) and the main logo (see below). The site itself has some good qualitys but needs a bit of attention to bring it up to the standard I believe the team is at when it comes to investigations. Here are some things that need fixing:

• On some pages the links are on the left hand side and then at the bottom on others - keep the left side buttons. Consistancy of design/layout is VERY important.
• The top banner is 717x509 - some websites are that size and its a pain to have to either scroll a lot or drag out the screen.
• Once you go to the members page none of the buttons on the left work.
• The equipment page seems a bit messy?
• Get rid of that background image on the forums - its only at the edge but its distracting!

On the plus side there are things I really like:

• The color scheme is cool, easy to read.
• I particularly like the Case Log section - its very well done.
• The copy/content of the site is well written and puts the "feel" of the group across well.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The Paranormal Research Association of Boston, I'm glad I held of doing this review as the group has grown considerably in the last month of so. Obviously Boston has been crying out for a group of this sort as they have picked up 5 or 6 new members in that time.

Like its sister site PRAI it is a clean, no nonsense site with only a few minor tweaks needing some attention:

• The team images on the front page are on the large size and scaled, this is causing a slow load.
• On the News page some of the text is running off the edges of the template.
• Something is missing, I'm not sure what but maybe a podcast or similar would bring in the human element that this site lacks.

The imagery on the site isn't the best by any means but at least they arent over doing it and the well written content makes up for it. They avoid the gawdy and cliched that so many other groups rely on to draw people in.



Quabbin Valley Paranormal, I learn so many new place names doing this blog!

There is a lot on this website, possibly too much? It took a while to load any of the pages and my connection is far from slow. So much of it is animated gifs and poor quality images that I'd like to see these guys strip it down to nothing but text and really look at what is needed. By all means bring some personality into it but in this case "less is more".

I suppose some of it might stem from the fact its one of the biggest groups I've ever come across. It might be a case of everyone having a little input but its spoiling what could be a good site.

The pages they have are good but surely 18 pages can be condensed a bit? You see a couple of pages for requesting an investigation so there is unnessecery overlap. The equipment pages really says it all when you look at the fact that this guys have every piece of kit you'll ever need (and not need!). If all that is used on a typical investigation them they must spend most of the night setting up and most of their cash on batteries. It wouldnt be so bad if the images of the equipment were good but its all bitty and jagged edges.

The team appears to be made up of folks from emergency services, its hard to criticized great people like that but this site requires some attention ... stat!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

S.E.G.R.A.: REVIEW 069

As soon as I clicked the link I was sent for the South Eastern Ghost Research Association I though "Hey, didn't a review this before?" .... but no, I had not. The review I was thinking of was for Strictly Paranormal, so I presume its a free template - nothing wrong with that though.

Anyway I liked the first one and I like this one ... bar a few things obviously. The content is great (I'll get to that in a while) but the font size for the main body of text on the front page needs to come down a bit.

Now not every site or groups needs a logo as such - simple text can be just as effective. So with that in mind I have to wonder why people use banners like the one below - its near impossible to read and looks horrid.

My advice for this site is the same I give to most - keep the graphics simple, uses a limited number of colors and sort out the fonts you use into heading, subheading and body copy!

Anyway, like I said I like the content for this site and actually had a good read of the site. One bit I liked (but are not necessarily my views) is the following:

The Ghost Hunters Code

1 Let the spirits know they are not forgotten.
2 Never threaten a spirit or entity.
3 Always conduct yourself as a professional.
4 Never seek out spirits or entities on your own.
5 Addicting habits can be contradictory to your investigation.
6 Pay close attention to your dreams.
7 Use religious symbols for protection, it can hurt.
8 Listen to and trust your instincts and intuition.
9 NEVER, unless otherwise said to, leave an investigator alone.
10 Always consider all aspects of a haunting.
11 Always remember that you are in control of situations that you put yourself into.
12 Be familiar with and understand all aspects of haunting and the supernatural.
13 Your best protection is the life you lead.
14 Don’t be afraid to experiment new ways to catch evidence.
15 Do your homework, research the area when possible, and walk though to check for potential hazards that won’t be seen during the investigation.
16 Never be without walkie-talkies or a way of outside contact.
17 Research and learn about all aspects of possibilities of demonic possession.
18 Remember that there are lower level entities not just spirits demons and ghosts.
19 Always remain scientifically minded when a personal experience occurs and try to de-bunk it before you say it is paranormal.
20 Rely on your best weapons for investigations…your senses.
21 Evidence is EVERYTHING! Without it we cannot prove or disprove.
22 Always Expect Results (A.E.R.)
23 It is okay to be afraid.
24 NEVER argue during or before an investigation a hostile environment could attract a negative entity

Live by this code and you will do just fine during your investigations.
(This code is just our opinion, and this is what we believe. It may not work out the same way it has for us, with other organizations.)

So thats it, good site. And have to note that this is one long url:


Someone needs a hug!

Ok so I dont blog much other than the reviews but sometimes its hard to resist. I get mails from people who want reviews, mails from people who like the blog ... and then I get mails from people who want to respond to my reviews - this one is a peach!

Now bear a few things in mind:

• He requested the review in the first place.
• He got a lot of hits from the review.
• My site (not this blog) is there purely to provide links to sites I review ... its good for the sites and of no benefit to me. I dont even have advertising on the site.
• My site isnt perfect (not by a long shot) and like I said in my last post has been hacked a fair bit. Obviously not by this guy as I doubt he'd be clever enough to do it. - Maybe I'll review my own site when its up and running?

So here is the mail:

I just wanted to take a second out to leave my review about your pompous
and self serving attitude.

You suck !
You gave my 5 day old website a lousy rating which I humbly accepted.
However... I seem to have noticed this site is seldom tended too and is
nothing more than a mouthpiece you hide behind in a self glorifying way of
sounding important.

Its funny how your insignificant little opinion seemed not to matter to
anyone is basically a springboard for you to use other sites to benefit
your own.

So lets see where my site is today shall we ?
Well for one we were voted by WPRT Paranormal Radio as their Official
forum and Message board.
I wont bother mentioning the fact that Ive also been made their News
Content Admin.

Our network with other paranormal related websites is gianormous thru our
banner exchange program, and this Septenmber we will be launching our own
Talk Radio show.

By the way, thats a nic youtube video you have that doesnt even work on
this rat piss site.

So please feel free to review and poorly attempt to demean our site again.
Im dying to get around to my on air broadcast about this site.
Have a good day, Idiot.

So he's doing well (in his opinion) but lets look at 2 facts:

1: He wants another review .... more traffic for his site .... not from me he wont!
2: His site is still a heep of crap and looks like a free site you'd see thrown together on Geocities 10 years ago.

Poor fool is deluded. Maybe he wasn't hugged enough as a kid or maybe he was hugged too much?

Anyway you wont be seeing a link to his site in this post - I wouldnt do that to the readers of this blog.


...and the living is easy! Or so they tell me.

Anyway after a well deserved break I'm coming back with more reviews and a move of the website. Why move the website? Well its been hacked a few times (disgruntled reviewee?) and I've been offered a free hosting etc with crowd in Ireland called RedTomato ... who says no to free stuff? So thats moving over fully soon and I can change a few things with the site ... nothing major mind you.

Anyway that doesnt stop me from reviewing sites .... so on we go!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I love reviewing blogs ... but more than that I love reviewing good blogs! Strange State is one of the good ones and arrived at my door following my review of SPOOKED.

Strange State covers a nice range of topics all of which the author writes about very well. Add to this the fact that he obviously knows design and you get a winning combination. He sources decent eye catching images to go with his posts. I also like that he keeps mostly to Oklahoma and he has definitely given me plenty of reasons to head out that way if I ever get the chance .... and to prepare for it I'll have to pick up a copy of his book Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma - available through the blog.

So now I have to hand out another well deserved full marks ...... I'm gonna have to find a site to be nasty about before I get a rep for being too nice!



And the review requests just keep coming!

A request from Para Patrol came in about a week ago and as soon as I clicked it I though "oh no" - sights with Tripod just throw up popups and annoying adverts.

I managed to look past all that though and while this site isn't going to reinvent the wheel it does have a couple of things I like. The logo for one is pretty funky, its got a whole Scooby-Doo thing going on that made me smile. I also like investigation table and would like to see that level of organization applied to the site as a whole. If these guys want to dramatically improve the site then do one thing ..... get rid of the adverts at the top and the bottom.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008



SPOOKED is a blog I used to read a couple of years back and how I ever lost track of it is beyond me? Anyway, thankfully its landed in my lap again and I can share it with those of you who may not have come across it before.

SPOOKED is one of the most interesting and funny blogs you are going to have the pleasure of reading. On top of that its got some great design elements and even though it has the restrictions of a blog you really don't notice them.

One thing I dont like (because we all know I have to find something, right?) is that the archive is right down the bottom on the right - having it at the top would make it a lot easier to go back through the almost 4 years worth of blogging. Ok so thats not really a big thing but if I didn't have that I'd have to start looking for typos!

Seriously, check it out and I predict a book in the works by the end of the year.


Friday, June 6, 2008


The say people will buy anything? I'm sure thats what the guys over at Ghost in a Bottle are hoping anyway! Am I having a laugh doing this review? Hell yeah! I mean some of the sites I've reviewed in the past have been laughable so why not do one that is a bit more forward with the fact its tongue-in-cheek?

The site itself is amateurish but hopefully when the cash starts to roll in they might pay for something a tad more professional ... I doubt they will though.

The product looks well presented for what it is and I may even pick one up for a laugh, its a novelty after all.

One correction that popped into my head as I read the warnings was this:

Original "If you open or break your bottle you may experience any or all of the following

• A voice out of nowhere.
• Muffled Moans and Groans for long periods of time during the day or night.
• Doors opening or closing slowly.
etc etc"

I'd fix that a bit with:

"If you open or break your bottle you may experience any, all or none of the following"

Still a bit of fun if nothing else (which I'm sure it isn't).


Wednesday, June 4, 2008


TNSpirit jumped the line for one reason .... at 20 days old its the youngest site I've reviewed yet. Its a brave step to request a review for a site thats hasn't matured a bit but sure in the game of running arounf scarey places in the dark bravery is one of the essential bits of kit.

The look of the site is fine, they put up a good body of stuff in the 20 days. Some issues I do have though are small but addressing them will tidy up the place a bit:

• Having images of text such as on the "Our Team" etc isnt great - bit rough looking.
• The equipment section would benefit from images of each piece.
• The home page starts off with their ads f or the myspace and the Ouija Petition. By all means include them but the first stuff you see should be more welcoming or informative.
• The forum button does nothing.
• No info for one of the team members.

No as I said its the youngest sites I've reviewed but looking at it they have obviously been investigating for a while. I like this, you see alot of groups making sites before they even go to a location .... never a good sign.


Friday, May 30, 2008

Death Is Only The Beginning: REVIEW 063

Death Is Only The Beginning, atmospheric name but damn they can be hard to fit into the banners!

Anyway its a decent blog but with not many posts. Luckily the posts that are there are well written and full of interesting information. I had no problem ready the whole blog in a couple of hours, now while its good that it held my interest it really needs to have more than 1 or 2 posts a month. Dont get me wrong I know how hard it can be to upkeep a blog but its a labour or love or its not worth doing.

I'll be checking back on it again in the hope of more good articles.


Thursday, May 29, 2008


Ok so the whole site isn't Paranormal but for this review I will be focusing on the Paranormal section of Jim's Destinations Website.

Not a ground breaking site by any means but the guys been an Investigator of the Paranormal since the 70's and thats respectable. He also seems to know what he's at when it comes to electronics and while its not presented in a stylish fashion he's got some great builds for some handy equipment.

So while this site is ... well ... unattractive I would recommend that people who are serious about investigating show it the respect it deserve and have a good look around.


Thursday, May 22, 2008


Okay so the latest batch of links have been added to the main site over at nice to see there have been a couple of banner links as well the text links.

Since setting up the new site and system the review requests have been steadily coming in. It used to be a case of maybe 1 request every other week with the rest of the reviews being site I come across in my travels. Now its been 3 to 4 requests a week and while its more work for me its work I enjoy!

So I'm glad I took the step and have more plans for the future. Next big marker for me will be the 100th review, and while this seems a long way off if I can continue at the current pace its only 12 weeks away. Even in the week since the Google Adsense post the average views a day has gone from 49 up to 64 thats a big difference. Long may it continue!

So keep the requests coming, if you've been reviewed or dont have a site why not request one for a site you've come across?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

S.P.I.: REVIEW 061

Seems that 99% of the sites I review are for Investigation groups there are a lot of them out there but some of them stand out as really being well put together. Sonoran Paranormal Investigations are one of those groups.

Lets get the bad points out of the way so we can look at why this groups is so good:

• I'm not nuts on the logo and even as it is it could do with some sharpening up.

• Some pages are very slow to load due to the size of images etc.

Thats all the negatives I could find!

So positives:

• The pages are nicely blocked out. Links to the left, main content in the middle and ads etc neatly on the right.

• This group covers everything it needs to and has a fair few bits that other groups should look at. The Protocols, References etc make may have alot of information that people take for granted but its helpful to have it written down.

• They handle themselves like a business (though I must point out they are a not for profit organisation) and this seems to be mostly down to Danielle but as the whole the group seem to work well together.

• Its easy to follow and the copy is well written. This is a group I wouldnt be surprised to see on the TV at some stage.

Well thats that.



PHANTASMA, a fledgling community with 61 members. I suppose we all start somewhere and they seem like decent people so I've no doubt their welcoming attitude and openness to discuss anything and everything means all they need is for people to stumble upon them - I guess thats why the requested the review?

I mean there isnt much for me to review as I tend not to make comments of the content and views of the sites I review ... unless something needs saying or I feel passionately about something.

Anyway, the look of the forum is pretty washed out and the cutout on the text of the logo is annoying (I had to make a new banner for this review). So I'd say get a better version of the logo, it doesnt need to be animated (hell I'll do it for you!) and lose the background image - maybe a solid colour? Its a forum and its the people that use it that make it what it is, you really dont need it to look overly designed.

People will come so just be smile and engaging, you really dont need much more for a Forum.



Well when they requested the review they did say it was a free website so I'm sure they are under no illusion that the site is anywhere near perfect.

The COGS (Central Ohio Ghost Squad) website, as I said, is put up on FortuneCity so that means Pop-Ups, Adverts and flashing Banners ...... oh the pain of it all. Even now I've had to close their page as its causing my browser to drag.

Obviously not everyone can go out buy a domain and put together a site by themselves but these guys really need to do something. I'd suggest even having a blog here on Blogger as you can put anything on here that they'd need and it would be so much easier.

I'd hard to give a fair review of this site because I cant really look at it or follow it ... but isnt take a review in itself? They ahve 4 different logos on the front page so consistancy needs to be addressed.

I would ask one question of COGS, are you actually making money from all the ads on your site? If not then why have them? If you are, then fair play. Personally I'd be happier making no money and having a site that people can use.

Its not easy to give a bad review but I've no doubts they'll take it as its meant.