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Monday, June 18, 2007

Alien Hub - Still getting better!

I have to say its great to see ALIEN HUB taking steps to make their site even better!

I reviewed ALIEN HUB site back in March and it got the high marks it deserved. The thing is they continue to do what they can to make the site better for the people that use it. A step up to using vBulliten will go a long way as this site gets bigger.

These guy need some more attention if its gonna grow and start really challenging the likes of GhostVillage with regards to numbers. So lets all do what we can!

Monday, June 11, 2007 Review 036 pitches itself as a resource for on line accounts of ghostly experiences represented in pictures, EVP, video clips and stories etc.

The community aspect of the site centres around an on line community at, a newsletter and a “contact us” section.

The site lives and dies on its bank of pictures and videos. Many of the links are broken, so trying to review their EVP, Photos etc is fruitless. The site owners apologise for this on the front page, but the lack of content renders the web site useless to anyone trying to explore the paranormal.
It is a pity as the general idea is reasonably good, there is a good breakdown of topics and listing of possibly haunted locations but once again the links don’t work.

The site attempts to promote some level of up-to-date content to entice users to visit the site on a regular basis.

• Featured Photo
• Featured Story
• Featured Site

Are all good ideas but once again the links are broken and the site fails to deliver. There are a number of advertisements on the site and these links still work, I take it that if the promised content was maintained, the commercial aspect of the site would deliver some revenue.

Aesthetically the site appears dated, but the logo is original.

Overall if the owners return to work on the site and finish what they started, this could be good resource and focal point for both posting and reviewing paranormal content, but as it stands it is a poor quality site with a bit of “watch this space” thrown in.


Jane Doherty: Review 035

Its not often I will choose a website for a psychic but statements like "Jane's stomach reacts to spirits" are going to get my attention!

I'm not going to review her or her site based on one claim of course, to be honest she's around a while and deserves a bit more respect.

Fact is the site is very well put together. It doesn't reply or either the old spooky feel or the usual psychic design of clouds/doves/angels etc. Its put together like a website for a tv show, and why not Jane has had her fair share of media attention.

It offers a bit more than the usual medium/psychic page and thats probably got something to do with the fact she does investigations (free of charge) on a fairly regular bases. It covers a bit on EVP, UFO, seances etc but the site needs some updating, not to mention the abandoned blog.

So where as the belly ghost detector might not sit well with me overall its a good site.


Saturday, June 9, 2007

Up the Game

At 34 reviews I'm a little behind where i would have liked to be but things are definately going well.

My plan now is that when I get to 100 reviews I am going to send out an email to all the sites I've reviewed. Those that reply will be put into a draw for a prize ... which is as of yet undecided.

I'll aim to have 3 of these draws a year which means me getting my finger out and doing at least 300 reviews a year!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Encounters With The Unexplained: Review 034

Encounters With The Unexplained, as this blog is like that quirky friend you had that everyone like and your parents wanted you to marry. Alot of blogs (this one included) don't get to many comments posted on them but thats not the case with Encounters With The Unexplained. There seems to be a fairly friendly little circle of blogs that pop in on each other and this one is part of that.

Being that its a blog theres nothing groundbreaking you can do with the layout or design so it comes down to content. Encounters With The Unexplained is an easy read with a nice mix of subjects from around the world. How the stories are posted and put across has a cheery feel to it, even if the subject matter is dark.

Pleasent, unoffensive and easy to read.


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

G.P.P.S. : Review 033

The Greater Pittsburgh Paranormal Society™ kicks ass ..... simple as that.

Ok so for the actual review I will have to write a bit more but the above is a statement of fact. Apart from looking a million times better than most other site this one is so well written. In this case I am not just reviewing the site because the groups approach to the area of the paranormal and investigating is, and I dont say this often, second to none. Even other great groups could learn from these guys.

Sure the website is still under a year old but its got everything in place, content is something you build up over time. They have the team, the passion, the know-how and now they have the website. will be watching these guys for the 2008 Paranormal Awards.