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Tuesday, June 24, 2008



SPOOKED is a blog I used to read a couple of years back and how I ever lost track of it is beyond me? Anyway, thankfully its landed in my lap again and I can share it with those of you who may not have come across it before.

SPOOKED is one of the most interesting and funny blogs you are going to have the pleasure of reading. On top of that its got some great design elements and even though it has the restrictions of a blog you really don't notice them.

One thing I dont like (because we all know I have to find something, right?) is that the archive is right down the bottom on the right - having it at the top would make it a lot easier to go back through the almost 4 years worth of blogging. Ok so thats not really a big thing but if I didn't have that I'd have to start looking for typos!

Seriously, check it out and I predict a book in the works by the end of the year.


Friday, June 6, 2008


The say people will buy anything? I'm sure thats what the guys over at Ghost in a Bottle are hoping anyway! Am I having a laugh doing this review? Hell yeah! I mean some of the sites I've reviewed in the past have been laughable so why not do one that is a bit more forward with the fact its tongue-in-cheek?

The site itself is amateurish but hopefully when the cash starts to roll in they might pay for something a tad more professional ... I doubt they will though.

The product looks well presented for what it is and I may even pick one up for a laugh, its a novelty after all.

One correction that popped into my head as I read the warnings was this:

Original "If you open or break your bottle you may experience any or all of the following

• A voice out of nowhere.
• Muffled Moans and Groans for long periods of time during the day or night.
• Doors opening or closing slowly.
etc etc"

I'd fix that a bit with:

"If you open or break your bottle you may experience any, all or none of the following"

Still a bit of fun if nothing else (which I'm sure it isn't).


Wednesday, June 4, 2008


TNSpirit jumped the line for one reason .... at 20 days old its the youngest site I've reviewed yet. Its a brave step to request a review for a site thats hasn't matured a bit but sure in the game of running arounf scarey places in the dark bravery is one of the essential bits of kit.

The look of the site is fine, they put up a good body of stuff in the 20 days. Some issues I do have though are small but addressing them will tidy up the place a bit:

• Having images of text such as on the "Our Team" etc isnt great - bit rough looking.
• The equipment section would benefit from images of each piece.
• The home page starts off with their ads f or the myspace and the Ouija Petition. By all means include them but the first stuff you see should be more welcoming or informative.
• The forum button does nothing.
• No info for one of the team members.

No as I said its the youngest sites I've reviewed but looking at it they have obviously been investigating for a while. I like this, you see alot of groups making sites before they even go to a location .... never a good sign.