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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


CrypticMedia = Simple & Enjoyable. I could end the review there .... but I won't. Ok so they claim to be the first website dedicated to paranormal videos (ghosts, UFOs, cryptids etc) but they're not - I'm not going to let a little false claim like that stop me from enjoying a site that simply delivers awesome videos without a load of other stuff cluttering up the screen.

So what can they fix? Well if I was to meet them on the street I'd say "Hey, nice site. Would it be possible to bring up the size of the videos a bit?". When I do find a video on there that catches my eye I usually end up going to the CrypticMedia YouTube Channel to view it a bit bigger. I mean if the footage allows it then they should show it as best they can, right?

As thats my only problem with the site I have to compliment them on a nice clean template, and good use of color. You're pretty much guarunteed a new video everyday which may not be a huge amount but at least you can digest what you view.


1 comment:

Gil said...

I am always looking for more info on the paranormal, and you have a great resource. I like how your reviews are fair and honest, like suggesting one site increase its video size to make a better user experience.

If you would like to review my site, its - its about true ufo stories. Its fairly new, and I hope to get some more ufo sightings/stories submitted.

Keep up the great work!