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Friday, February 29, 2008


Review No.50 and I'm serving up LOADED PARANORMAL! This site is not a romantic meal for two its more of a quick burger from McDonalds. I'm not sure what to make of it to be honest, it kinda reminds me of an 80's Space Invaders Arcade game?

Its definately in its early stages with a couple of dozen members and not much on the content side of things - not really a site I'd visit again unless I got a heads up that things had changed. I hope I come across it again in 6 months or so and find it has calmed down on the graphics and has grown into an interesting and booming site.

For now though this site lacks any reason for me to check back on a daily basis.



United Paranormal Investigations, this site takes me back to the days of Geocities ... and they were not good days. Normally I can focus on the design if the content is weak or vice versa but what can I do when a site falls down on every possible element?

Is ugly and if you were to take away all the tacky flashing images you'd be left with very little content ... and this site is over 2.5 years old!

I really dont like giving negative reviews but thankfully their article "The Curse of Amateur wannabe Ghost Groups" made it very easy for me not to give a crap about what they make of this review.


Please people check out this site and tell me I'm not crazy for hating it!


Time for another blog! UFO MEDIA is only a couple of months old but man does this guy know how to blog! Over 120 posts in 60 days is pretty impressive .... if only I had that much energy.

As I've said before UFO wouldn't be my main area of interest by any means but I can honestly say that I enjoy this blog. Its like a platter of tasty food where I can pick up a bit and have a taste. If I dont like it I spit it out and move on to the next piece.

Video seems to be a huge part of
UFO MEDIA and sure why not? All I would ask is that the author check out and see how that content suits - supporting the paranormal community is what its all about after all.

Design wise its a blog and theres really nothing too it but it really should be on the top of peoples list when it comes to quick, easy to digest bits of interesting info - its almost like having a personal assistant who clips newspaper articles for you.



True Ghost Tales, not a site I had seen before but have to say it after being asked to review it I got a good run and reading all the stories on it.

Its a nice easy-to-read site with a good layout, color palette and fonts. Sure its got ads on it and a few cheesy animated gif files but they aren't that hard to ignore and once you start reading some of the stories on there its hard to stop.

Its covers as broad a range of topics as you can get and the sections are well broken down, not every topic is to my own personal taste but thats the great thing, its easy to avoid the bits you dont like and focus on what you do.

Its not a ground breaking site but it doesnt really have to be. If I am being honest I have to say I went looking for negatives and was hard pressed to find any. That said the Casper section (as much as we all love that guy!) is a step too far with regards to content that just isn't needed not to mention that the youtube content is copywrited material ... but like I said I really had to get picky to find a negative.

The site also has a blog but despite having blog-like content it was missing something - it just doesnt feel or look like a blog.

All in all a good site with interesting content, perfect if you are in the mood for a leisurely read.


Friday, February 1, 2008


Step up to the plate Ulster Paranormal! Or rather Connect 2 Ulster Paranormal as it is on the site.

Anyway first off I'm not sure I get why there is a difference between the site name (Connect 2 Ulster Paranormal) and the URL (Ulster Paranormal)? I mean I can understand it in cases where a decent or appropriate domain name can't be gotten but in this case simply having it as Ulster Paranormal is definately the best choice.

Its a better site than I thought when I first glanced at it before at the end of 2007 and it has a fair bit of content. The white on blue looks good and its a color palette that always makes me think of architects drawings. That said the choice of heavy/bold mismatched fonts is really working against this site.

Looking at the site without reading you would not know it was about the Paranormal, thats not nessecerily a bad thing as some sites really go over board with spiders webs, full moons and ghostly gif files. In this case though it does lack a bit of atmosphere.

The content is well written and the site covers enough ground. Apart from being a place for them to display there thoughts and findings it also offers people the opportunity to go along on an investigation themselves. I strongly encourage this as there are too many groups how close themselves off from the public except when it comes to seeking people to be in awe of their findings.

Its not my favorite site but then again I visit so many I have very high standards. Its a grand site though and in its early stages, here's hoping that more experience in running a site will lead to this one growing.

Just remember when viewing it to scroll through all the buttons on the left as its not too obvious hwo much there actually is on this site!


Its not often I do this but I must add a side note: As small a place as they say the internet is, and smaller again the paranormal community I was even impressed with myself to spot a picture of an Irish investigator (Anne McKinestry - I hope I spelt that right) who's groups site I review a few months back. From what I know the scene in Ireland isn't huge so I'm sure they cant help but bump into eac other now and then.


Ok I'm back for another road of reviews! At the moment its a bit easier for me to do them in batches, it gives me time to go back and look at the sites a few times and solidify my opinions etc.

Sometimes it not always easy for me to spot requests when they are comments added to other reviews so if I miss you make sure to post on the most recent one or drop me a mail via

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