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Friday, March 30, 2007

HAUNTED DEVON: Website Review 009

Clearly the people over at Haunted Devon are very professional. The site is very well made, clean design and when these guys go out Investigating they are even covered for insurance ... not many groups bother with that even though I've heard some really horror stories in my time.

Apart from having a good site it seems Haunted Devon actually get out there and do alot of Investigations - infact they don't just go out and do them they do them very well. They write up a about what they expect before a trip and then write up good, informative reports.

One of the things I like about how they do it all is that they dont take an exclusively scientific or spiritual approach - they apply both equally. That said I get bored of seeing the same equipment being used by so many groups.

I found myself saying "Well obviously!" when reading alot of what they say but sites shouldnt just be aimed at people who are well versed and experienced so thats a fault with me and not their content.

As a group they seem to know their stuff and as a website I can't fault it - I even like the sound effects they have playing and I usually hate that crap.


6thSensitive: Website Review 008

I found via his blog here on blogger but its the actually website that catches my attention for now.

Nicely designed but nothing ground breaking as far as websites go. The content of the site however is well laid out and makes for an interesting read. Being that its an individual as opposed to a Paranormal groups it reads very personally. Despite it being Irish it doesnt play up the old 'Land of Myth & Mystery' nonsense ... not a shamrock or leprechaun in sight!

The Gallery contains original photographs which demand that you look closer and actually give them some though - unlike the Orb shots you see on 1000s of other sites.

He has some good ideas on the subject of the Paranormal but over all the site lacks content. Hopefully he'll continue to update the site regularily.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

DARK TRUTH: Website Review 007

On my travels I was lucky enough to come across DARK TRUTH a blog dedicated to World News, Conspiracies, Paranormal, Occult, Ancient History, Magick, Supernatural, Spiritual, Metaphysical, New Age, Mysteries, Anomalies & more.

Anyway what I like about DARK TRUTH is how intelligently it is written, especially the Conspiriacy theories it covers. When it comes to this type of stuff the is alot of repetition at the moment with everyone still jumping all over 9/11. DARK TRUTH's post about the Bombing of the Rainbow Warrior was especially enjoyable and informative.

I have to drop acouple of points for design and layout but there is no faulting the content.



With the amount of sites out there dedicated to the Paranormal my biggest problem is picking which ones to review. I spend alot of time surfing and researching the Paranormal myself and come across a few gems, alot of duds but mostly average sites with nothing special about them.

So I started looking at sites that do reviews and came across John Chow. John Chow dot Com is a blog that helps you make money online. He will link to you if you do a review of his blog. Now thats a sweet deal as even though I'm not interested in making cash I am interested in traffic.

So here's hoping that, even though its not paranormal related, John Chow dot Com starts pushing people my way.


I just added PARANORMALIZER Wallpaper to the blog (and soon the website). You can see them under the Image on the right hand side of the blog. Check them out!

Getting Noticed

Technorati Profile .... interesting

So try going to and it pops you onto They are the makers of modern Ouija boards but I still would have liked to something cool when I tried it.

So thats & that I have to add to my wish list.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

TOMSGADGETS: Website Review 006

Well I wasn't going to review an online store for a while but I found TomsGadgets refreshing. Whoever this Tom is he strikes me more as a tradesman than a crazy scientist, by that I mean his site gives the feel that he actually understands the workings of the equipment he sells.

Its a site that doesnt just sell for Paranormal Investigations but security equipment too so its not just aimed at people who run around in the dark but skilled professionals too. That fills me with confidence.

He doesn't play up the "spooky" side of things like other websites do. The fact is that no readily (or affordable) equipent is made with the sole purpose of Investigating Paranormal Phenomenon.

He sells good quailty basics and a nice range of books though it would be nice to see a wider range of goods like infrared lights to extend nightvision on video cameras.

The absense of gimmicks and ghostly graphics is a plus.


Heuston, we have lift off!

Yes thats right, is up and running. This blog will of course stay my main focus but will list all the reviews done here with a link to both the website in question and the review.

There is no charge to be listed or reviewed on either here or there but I do ask that people but a link back to either site.

When I review a site I email them to let them know so hopefully we should have some people dropping by soon to either make threats or say thanks ... both are good with me.

ALIEN HUB: Website Review 005

We've scored big with ALIEN HUB. A Discussion Forum thats not all crazy graphics and crazier members. Its actually so good I joined it myself and that is a rarity.

Why is it so good?

Well first of all the Admins clearly put time into it because its kept clean and seems to run smooth. The look of the site is kept simple and effective too. It also offers some extras like a Gallery where you can simple look at images & video without having to read tons of posts.

Its not the biggest discussion forum going but thats a good thing. Hopefully they can hold onto the nice community feel they have and keep it clean because when this place gets big (and it will) its gonna be alot of work.

I can't fault ALIEN HUB so it gets top marks .... thats not gonna happen too often!


Tuesday, March 27, 2007 Website Review 004

After the horrid experience that was the last review (the URL that shall not be named) I went looking at the other Paranormal URL option. ..... damn them! .... they got you too! .... finally my faith is restored! Here we have a site that is in no way ground breaking but you know what? Dawns heart is it the right place and right now thats all that matters.

Theres a bit about the owner and why she's into the Paranormal, a Forum, and a few more bits. It could do with a face lift but its obvious this isnt a full time pursuit for Dawn so I'll cut her some slack.


So what has been done with possibly the ultimate paranormal URL? .... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! I try to keep the blood pressure down and review with an even hand but these guys got the better of me. Go check out and you'll see an almost criminal waste of a great domain name. I can't believe I'd never looked before out of interest. Maybe if I'd been quicker I could have snapped it up? Needless to say I'm not happy with it. I'd have a bettter chance of finding the Blair Witch on a beach in Miami than I would have finding a Paranormal Enthusiast who thinks this site wouldnt be better selling window clearer (try their search, it might actually be on there!).

Looking at dnScoop it shows as being worth over $32,000, having a Google page ranking of 5 and with 6,287 pages linked to it (and now here) - I have to give them credit for snapping up the name ..... so that something, right?


Monday, March 26, 2007

CRYPTOMUNDO: Website Review 002

Cryptozoology has always been something that fasinates me and makes me feel like a big kid. My knowledge on the subject wouldnt extend much futher than Nessie, Bigfoot & Big Cats but the guys over at CRYPTOMUNDO just seem to take the list and run with it!

Its a great site which grows & grows, thankfully not filled with one sided tales from Crazies. There are not many sites dedicated to one subject that actually manage to hold my attention and get me going back a few times a week - this one does.

The site design is the only thing I can pick at, its a bit fussy and hard to read sometimes.

Still THE PARANORMALIZER gives the guys over at CRYPTOMUNDO the nod to a job well done.


Orbs: funny

Ok I found this funny. I'm not a fan of Orbs in general and am even less fond of the people who get overly excited about them.

"Red Orbs are EVIL spirits" - Get Real!

"There's a face in this ORB" - Cop On!

Seriously, question them by all means but dont proclaim them to be a definate Paranormal Phenomenon!

Image by 6th over at 6thSensitive

GHOSTVILLAGE: Website Review 001

Thankfully for GhostVillage I am reviewing their site and not their members. Don't get me wrong they are a great bunch of people but there's a bit too much "High5ing" over the slightest thing for me.

GhostVillage has gotten HUGE since Jeff started it back in 1999 and the success is well deserved. The heart of Ghostvillage has to be the forums but there are times when I read it that its clear its not the brains. Too many people there who big up other 'GhostVillagers' experiences just so they wont have their own questioned. Where as the High5ers are in the majority they are harmless (within reason) its the 'experts' who are there to discount peoples photographs & encounters while claiming that their 'proof' is genuine.

As much as I can dog the feel to alot of Forums there is no doubt that GhostVillage has created a genuinely welcoming enviroment for Newbies & Veterans alike.

As well as the forums GhostVillage shine a spotlight on a good selection of books, DVDs & magazines. They have a shop where apart from the merchandise who can buy the same stuff you can get easily elsewhere on the internet. Its also a must to get your group or expertise listed on and with the link exchange they use its well worth it.

GhostVilage is a community, plain and simple. They dont claim to be the cutting edge of Paranormal Research and why would they want to be?

America seem to lead the way when it comes to volumn in the Paranormal Community & GhostVillage can sleep easy knowing that they are biggest & best the internet has to offer.



I welcome anyone that wants their site or produce reviewed. Even if you've seen something you'd like me to review on here just leave a comment or get intouch.

Bare in mind, I will point out the GOOD & BAD in what I see.

Otherwise I'm just going to pick things at random.


Ok so on the face of it the Paranormal Communities around the world are all happy and patting each other on the back for every little thing. Sure you have to respect that they are out there doing it but lets start to drawn a line between the Good, the Bad & the Bullshit!

Hollywood gets a hard time from genuine believers saying that they over do it and do more harm than good but sure as long as they are saying its entertianment then thats cool with me ... its the people that are trying to convince us that every speck of dust is a tortured soul that cause me to reach for baseball bat.

So lets throw some light on the worthy & the unworthy.