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Friday, June 6, 2008


The say people will buy anything? I'm sure thats what the guys over at Ghost in a Bottle are hoping anyway! Am I having a laugh doing this review? Hell yeah! I mean some of the sites I've reviewed in the past have been laughable so why not do one that is a bit more forward with the fact its tongue-in-cheek?

The site itself is amateurish but hopefully when the cash starts to roll in they might pay for something a tad more professional ... I doubt they will though.

The product looks well presented for what it is and I may even pick one up for a laugh, its a novelty after all.

One correction that popped into my head as I read the warnings was this:

Original "If you open or break your bottle you may experience any or all of the following

• A voice out of nowhere.
• Muffled Moans and Groans for long periods of time during the day or night.
• Doors opening or closing slowly.
etc etc"

I'd fix that a bit with:

"If you open or break your bottle you may experience any, all or none of the following"

Still a bit of fun if nothing else (which I'm sure it isn't).


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