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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Quabbin Valley Paranormal, I learn so many new place names doing this blog!

There is a lot on this website, possibly too much? It took a while to load any of the pages and my connection is far from slow. So much of it is animated gifs and poor quality images that I'd like to see these guys strip it down to nothing but text and really look at what is needed. By all means bring some personality into it but in this case "less is more".

I suppose some of it might stem from the fact its one of the biggest groups I've ever come across. It might be a case of everyone having a little input but its spoiling what could be a good site.

The pages they have are good but surely 18 pages can be condensed a bit? You see a couple of pages for requesting an investigation so there is unnessecery overlap. The equipment pages really says it all when you look at the fact that this guys have every piece of kit you'll ever need (and not need!). If all that is used on a typical investigation them they must spend most of the night setting up and most of their cash on batteries. It wouldnt be so bad if the images of the equipment were good but its all bitty and jagged edges.

The team appears to be made up of folks from emergency services, its hard to criticized great people like that but this site requires some attention ... stat!


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