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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The Paranormal Research Association of Boston, I'm glad I held of doing this review as the group has grown considerably in the last month of so. Obviously Boston has been crying out for a group of this sort as they have picked up 5 or 6 new members in that time.

Like its sister site PRAI it is a clean, no nonsense site with only a few minor tweaks needing some attention:

• The team images on the front page are on the large size and scaled, this is causing a slow load.
• On the News page some of the text is running off the edges of the template.
• Something is missing, I'm not sure what but maybe a podcast or similar would bring in the human element that this site lacks.

The imagery on the site isn't the best by any means but at least they arent over doing it and the well written content makes up for it. They avoid the gawdy and cliched that so many other groups rely on to draw people in.



Ian Murphy said...

Hi Earl,

Thanks for the review. I have updated the images. Having a 16Mb connection here, I never noticed the lag, but have re-sized them for faster load, and I'm looking into getting the template working properly.



Ian Murphy said...

Hi Earl

In the last year, the site has changed again. It is the same template, and same design, but a lot more content, including podcasts and member video bios, have been added to the site.

This is all in conjunction with the classes and events we have been holding in the past few months.