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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Ok, I'd like to ask any sites which get reviewed on here to post the above graphic on the website with a link back to

The whole idea of this blog and is to promote good sites and give constructive feedback. There is no charge to be listed on either site - its about supporting the Paranormal Community.


So to get away from Ghost & Investigation Groups I decided to go review a site on one of my favorite subjects - BigFoot! Unlike UFO, Poltergeist, Mothman and other paranormal areas this creature seems to draw feelings of affection and an almost romantic aura for those who dip into the subject.

The BigFoot Field Research Organization site has been going for quite some time and unlike alot of others it is still updated regularly.

The site pretty much has it all - research, news articles, facts and it was great to see a map which represents documented sightings over the last number of years.

Its also an admirable resource for gathering together all the well known and lesser know images and video footage - it really is the only Bigfoot site you need to visit!

Of course there has to be bad points and unfortunately this site does fall down in a few places. There are links within the site that led to nothing. The "
Reports Database" link is dead, as is the link back to the homepage here "BFRO Home".

I know content is vital on a site like this but so is ease of navigation, which this site lacks. A over style or design element would really improve the site too.

Along with the design and navigation it would be great to see a forum added, especially at a time when they are so popular and serve as a place were enthusiasts can get together and talk no matter what their geographical location.

I would loved to have given this site a score of 10 but hopefully I'll be stopping back in the future and can give them those extra 3 points.


Monday, October 22, 2007


KAPS, another new group website. This one is doing it right, not running before they can walk. Its so clean and well laid out but thats not simply because they have very little content. It looks like even when they do start adding to it that the formate will cope well.

Their section on investigations looks good, I especially liked their EVP from Waverly ... good catch guys. I even signed up to the forum which is rare enough simply because I view so many sites.

Anyway the hits counter shows just how new this place is but heres hoping we see this place taking off.

One change I see they have coming is the domain name ... domains and hosting are cheap enough now days and well worth the money. Obviously I would recommend a blog thats editable by the members of the group - its an easy way to post quickly and can get a growing group alot of attention.

On a funny note thought its called KAPS (Kentucky Area Paranormal Society) but the URL says KentuckyRegionalAreaParanormalSociety ... KRAPS! A name which really doesn't apply here.


Monday, October 15, 2007


NIPS ... don't you just love the name? Makes me think of nipples! Anyway its Northern Ireland Paranormal Society coming in for review No.40.

Yuck! I hate the logo ... someone delete their copy of Photoshop ASAP.

Actually apart from the hideous logo the site is pretty good. I must say I am a fan of their approach and can even point out that I have seen this group (or rather a few of its members) develop from a few groups back.

They've done the right thing is polishing up the group since its last incarnation but I see some phrases and statements slipping in that kinda take away from the appealing casual approach of the past.

"We use the most up to date Digital Voice Recorders on the market today to capture EVP" - they don't need to make statements like this to impress people, especially when they use pretty much the same equipment as most groups. I know whats available to people and I know that the top of the range gear is out of most groups budget. Be happy in knowing that you are doing the best with what you have and that no one expects ground breaking science.

The site is nicely put together and all the clips (audio/video) are good clean quality. The spacing and layout of the pages aren't difficult to follow. If I was to give any advice it would be to keep doing what you are doing but please change that logo!


Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Ok so its not very often I am sent a link to review, I normally go searching myself, so when someone suggests an up and coming website I have to take a peak.

Ok so at first glance Leinster Paranormal has got a nice simple design but not much content .... at second glance its still got a nice simple design but not much content. Still I will review it for what it is.

First off I have to say I do like local groups with local names. It means they have set themselves a manageable area rather than trying to take over the world! With no crazy or wild claims this group seems to have a relaxed and level headed approach do what they can to gather information without jumping to conclusions .... they present what they find and let you judge for yourself.

One thing that is missing that I usually like is a page with a bit about the groups members. Its nice to know a bit about the who & why and makes it all the more approachable. The forum is a nice touch because it gives you the chance to put questions to the members, who seem open to taking peoples ideas and comments onboard.

A bit more about the investigations would be good too rather than just presenting bits and pieces they do find. Sometimes its good to here what has been reported to have been experienced and following the investigation what wasnt found.

So thats it! I guess we site back and watch this fledgling group grow ... or not.