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Monday, November 10, 2008

Hawaiian Island Ghost Hunters: REVIEW 072

Hawaiian Island Ghost Hunters, I'll try to remain fair but the fact they get to live in Hawaii and I don't might swing against them!

Anyway, straight into it. Well first off I love the name (HiGH) and the main logo (see below). The site itself has some good qualitys but needs a bit of attention to bring it up to the standard I believe the team is at when it comes to investigations. Here are some things that need fixing:

• On some pages the links are on the left hand side and then at the bottom on others - keep the left side buttons. Consistancy of design/layout is VERY important.
• The top banner is 717x509 - some websites are that size and its a pain to have to either scroll a lot or drag out the screen.
• Once you go to the members page none of the buttons on the left work.
• The equipment page seems a bit messy?
• Get rid of that background image on the forums - its only at the edge but its distracting!

On the plus side there are things I really like:

• The color scheme is cool, easy to read.
• I particularly like the Case Log section - its very well done.
• The copy/content of the site is well written and puts the "feel" of the group across well.


1 comment:

highosthunter said...

Earl and Paranormnalizer,
Thank you so much for reviewing our site. I've been waiting for your review for I knew it would help us to better our site. I (Preston) am the web designer and am pretty new at this. Frank Madrid from T.Az.P.S. told me to contact you and have you review our site to help us make it better. It'll take some work, but I will take all of your advice and will let you know when the updates are complete. Thank you so much for your honestly and for looking out for our best interest. Take care and I'll be getting back to you later.

Preston Galera
Founder / Lead Investigator
Hawaiian Island Ghost Hunters