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Monday, November 19, 2007


Ok so the latest update to went well but its definately highlighted that I need to look at the structure. No point reviewing other people's sites when mine is in poor shape!

I hope people are seeing some for of increase in traffic so if you have any comments feel free to post a comment.



Found recently and have to say I'm enjoying it. Cute logo but generally a poor web experience. That doesn't really matter though as its the podcasts that are important here, once you download them and pop them on your MP3 player all is good - its made my train ride alot easier to bare. If you haven't seen it before now you are in luck, the archive is just sitting there with all the old shows - I'm 7 shows in and its not getting boring.

Lex (the host) comes across as a genuine guy with a real interest. He's laid back, easy to understand and doesn't make my ears bleed like some over-the-top presenters. This show also preforms a great service in that it is getting real people's stories & experiences out there.

Seeing as its not about the site I think he could afford to look at throwing some advertisements up, I know I would click on them. Being that these are free to download and listen to I think this site is a real find.


Friday, November 16, 2007


There is no denying the guys over at KAPS are decent folk, they took the last review well and dropped by. Now that they have sorted the domain name and done some updates its time for me to drop by again.

The thing is when I dropped by ... I didnt like it. Sure the content is still good but how its presented is now just a little bit sloppy. Stuff just isn't aligned and the centred text and background image reminds me of the days of geocities back in the 90's.

These guys had no problems originally apart from the Url.

My suggestions:

- Lose the background image
- Put a set structure/grid in place
- Get a blog which can be updated quickly to keep peoples interest between investigations
- Decide on a set colour scheme and fonts

Sorry if it seems harsh guys but you guys are better than your current site!