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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


TNSpirit jumped the line for one reason .... at 20 days old its the youngest site I've reviewed yet. Its a brave step to request a review for a site thats hasn't matured a bit but sure in the game of running arounf scarey places in the dark bravery is one of the essential bits of kit.

The look of the site is fine, they put up a good body of stuff in the 20 days. Some issues I do have though are small but addressing them will tidy up the place a bit:

• Having images of text such as on the "Our Team" etc isnt great - bit rough looking.
• The equipment section would benefit from images of each piece.
• The home page starts off with their ads f or the myspace and the Ouija Petition. By all means include them but the first stuff you see should be more welcoming or informative.
• The forum button does nothing.
• No info for one of the team members.

No as I said its the youngest sites I've reviewed but looking at it they have obviously been investigating for a while. I like this, you see alot of groups making sites before they even go to a location .... never a good sign.


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