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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

S.P.I.: REVIEW 061

Seems that 99% of the sites I review are for Investigation groups there are a lot of them out there but some of them stand out as really being well put together. Sonoran Paranormal Investigations are one of those groups.

Lets get the bad points out of the way so we can look at why this groups is so good:

• I'm not nuts on the logo and even as it is it could do with some sharpening up.

• Some pages are very slow to load due to the size of images etc.

Thats all the negatives I could find!

So positives:

• The pages are nicely blocked out. Links to the left, main content in the middle and ads etc neatly on the right.

• This group covers everything it needs to and has a fair few bits that other groups should look at. The Protocols, References etc make may have alot of information that people take for granted but its helpful to have it written down.

• They handle themselves like a business (though I must point out they are a not for profit organisation) and this seems to be mostly down to Danielle but as the whole the group seem to work well together.

• Its easy to follow and the copy is well written. This is a group I wouldnt be surprised to see on the TV at some stage.

Well thats that.


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Buck said...

Danielle is no longer with SPI and the site has been reworked with even more information and articles including downloadable full reports in .pdf format. While the old address still works we have chosen a new address as the primary for the site: