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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Well when they requested the review they did say it was a free website so I'm sure they are under no illusion that the site is anywhere near perfect.

The COGS (Central Ohio Ghost Squad) website, as I said, is put up on FortuneCity so that means Pop-Ups, Adverts and flashing Banners ...... oh the pain of it all. Even now I've had to close their page as its causing my browser to drag.

Obviously not everyone can go out buy a domain and put together a site by themselves but these guys really need to do something. I'd suggest even having a blog here on Blogger as you can put anything on here that they'd need and it would be so much easier.

I'd hard to give a fair review of this site because I cant really look at it or follow it ... but isnt take a review in itself? They ahve 4 different logos on the front page so consistancy needs to be addressed.

I would ask one question of COGS, are you actually making money from all the ads on your site? If not then why have them? If you are, then fair play. Personally I'd be happier making no money and having a site that people can use.

Its not easy to give a bad review but I've no doubts they'll take it as its meant.


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