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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

S.E.G.R.A.: REVIEW 069

As soon as I clicked the link I was sent for the South Eastern Ghost Research Association I though "Hey, didn't a review this before?" .... but no, I had not. The review I was thinking of was for Strictly Paranormal, so I presume its a free template - nothing wrong with that though.

Anyway I liked the first one and I like this one ... bar a few things obviously. The content is great (I'll get to that in a while) but the font size for the main body of text on the front page needs to come down a bit.

Now not every site or groups needs a logo as such - simple text can be just as effective. So with that in mind I have to wonder why people use banners like the one below - its near impossible to read and looks horrid.

My advice for this site is the same I give to most - keep the graphics simple, uses a limited number of colors and sort out the fonts you use into heading, subheading and body copy!

Anyway, like I said I like the content for this site and actually had a good read of the site. One bit I liked (but are not necessarily my views) is the following:

The Ghost Hunters Code

1 Let the spirits know they are not forgotten.
2 Never threaten a spirit or entity.
3 Always conduct yourself as a professional.
4 Never seek out spirits or entities on your own.
5 Addicting habits can be contradictory to your investigation.
6 Pay close attention to your dreams.
7 Use religious symbols for protection, it can hurt.
8 Listen to and trust your instincts and intuition.
9 NEVER, unless otherwise said to, leave an investigator alone.
10 Always consider all aspects of a haunting.
11 Always remember that you are in control of situations that you put yourself into.
12 Be familiar with and understand all aspects of haunting and the supernatural.
13 Your best protection is the life you lead.
14 Don’t be afraid to experiment new ways to catch evidence.
15 Do your homework, research the area when possible, and walk though to check for potential hazards that won’t be seen during the investigation.
16 Never be without walkie-talkies or a way of outside contact.
17 Research and learn about all aspects of possibilities of demonic possession.
18 Remember that there are lower level entities not just spirits demons and ghosts.
19 Always remain scientifically minded when a personal experience occurs and try to de-bunk it before you say it is paranormal.
20 Rely on your best weapons for investigations…your senses.
21 Evidence is EVERYTHING! Without it we cannot prove or disprove.
22 Always Expect Results (A.E.R.)
23 It is okay to be afraid.
24 NEVER argue during or before an investigation a hostile environment could attract a negative entity

Live by this code and you will do just fine during your investigations.
(This code is just our opinion, and this is what we believe. It may not work out the same way it has for us, with other organizations.)

So thats it, good site. And have to note that this is one long url:


1 comment:

Ken said...

I have to say I agree about the "code"... and as long as you ignore the fact that it sounds like someone's trying to be T.A.P.S., it's decent. lol