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Monday, January 5, 2009


Ok so, PARANORMAL WASHINGTON! Well to start off the New Year I decided to google Paranormal 2009 and this was the first site to come back that was reviewable (is that a word?).

Not a bad site to stumble across as it happens. Sure its a little slow to load at times (not my connection folks) but its only because they have everything. In some cases I would say they have to much but really they are using everything they have rather than just adding crap for the sake of it.

The graphics are nice enough, colors kept simple and the content is well written.

Anyway it looks like a site for a particular and localized community and in that serves them very well. I'd like to see a few more groups adopt this approach rather than aiming for global appeal and landing on their asses.



Kelly.Beem said...

As the Director of Paranormal Washington, I wanted to stop by and shoot over our sincere appreciation for your review of our website. We really appreciated your kind words and perspective. Thank You.

Colette Talkington-Pfaehler said...

As Personnel Manager for Paranormal Washington, I wanted to come by and say 'Thank-you' for the kind words. Your review is greatly appreciated and welcomed!