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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


PHANTASMA, a fledgling community with 61 members. I suppose we all start somewhere and they seem like decent people so I've no doubt their welcoming attitude and openness to discuss anything and everything means all they need is for people to stumble upon them - I guess thats why the requested the review?

I mean there isnt much for me to review as I tend not to make comments of the content and views of the sites I review ... unless something needs saying or I feel passionately about something.

Anyway, the look of the forum is pretty washed out and the cutout on the text of the logo is annoying (I had to make a new banner for this review). So I'd say get a better version of the logo, it doesnt need to be animated (hell I'll do it for you!) and lose the background image - maybe a solid colour? Its a forum and its the people that use it that make it what it is, you really dont need it to look overly designed.

People will come so just be smile and engaging, you really dont need much more for a Forum.


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