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Sunday, May 4, 2008


Another Investigation group today and are far as groups go them seem nice enough ... can I say the same of the site? Lets have a look.

The UPRA site isn't awful but its not very good either. The red text on the mauve background is hard to read and once you go past the home page the buttons on the left are white text out a 50% tint of the mauve ... impossible to make out! Easy fixes but then theres more. The Gallery page has no buttons and they appear to have just been forgotten about. So now that you're stuck on the gallery page you may as well look at the photos ... if you dont mind scrolling about 4foot to the right if you want to see them.

The home page is fine except for the colors and if the other pages followed the same template it would be a huge improvement. The actual content of the site is fine, they aren't missing anything and the TV is a nice touch. Finally, a bit of info on each of the team would be nice ... as well as not refering to them as staff.



UPRA said...

Hi thanks for the review in relation to the issues you raised, we where aware that some items needed changed but we had not got round to it as yet as for the issue of having a bit about each member this is already under may with members wrighting them at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Yeah colors are naff but looks like a decent team.