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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


S.P.I.R.I.T. - St. Louis Paranormal Investigation and Research Interest Team ..... man they went all out for that one!

Still whats in a name as they say? Well given that they put so much effort into the name, did they do the same for the site? Quick answer is ... yes.

Now this site isnt without its faults but I have to say I like it. Everything is easy to read and its easy to get around. They havent over done it with graphics and there isnt an advert to be seen anywhere.

Now Steve from SPIRIT asked specifically what I think can be improved so here it goes:

• Once you leave the home page there is no direct link back to it. Try having the banner at the top clickable?

• The text on the site overall is a little big. Have a look at it with it dropped a couple of point sizes. (I mean the body copy)

• The banners on each page mean the site has a fixed width, not a bad thing but you should use that to layout your whole site. The news and notes section on the front page does it well but the equipment page in centered up and leaves a lot of black on either side.

• Boxing up the EVP section and investigations section as you have with the notes on the front page might help.

• Gallery page, I love the content but try having the large images all the same size and the crops the same size too.

• You do not have a links page. Now thats hardly a sin but most groups do and the benefits of networking and banner sharing are great. Go to and put in your URL .... see whats missing? Now try it with another groups site.

So thats it, I like it but I am a bit picky. I didnt really look much at the forum cos I see it as a weak point but something which is probably more for the group members anyway. Once the traffic starts coming in though you'll have to work on it.


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