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Thursday, May 8, 2008


T.Az.P.S .... well who can blame them for using that name? It may not be original but its smart if they want to increase their profile by mis-association. They clear it up on the home page anyway.

So on to the review of The Arizona Paranormal Society.

Apart from an ugly logo the site is fairly average. White text on a black background is the norm for sites like this (Hell I use it myself a fair bit) and its easy enough to read. They have everything they need on the site, members area, equipment page, gallery etc. They have a fair amount of investigations to their name which is great to see. If you're not going to have a great site then you have to bring up the points in other areas .... and TAzPS do just that. All the images in their gallery can be viewed hi-res which always helps, the members page has plenty of info and I couldnt find a sinle broken internal link.

So thats it. Its worth a look just to check out a good investigation group. At this stage they are not going to change the logo as its on merchandise etc so there is not much they can do ... apart from maybe add a forum?

The group is very good, the site is ok.


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