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Friday, May 9, 2008


PULSE-TV, this could grow to be one of my favorite sites.

OK so why do I like this site so much? Is it:

• The great domain name?
• The affective and well executed logo?
• The easy to follow, functional and well thought out site design?
• The original and high quality content?
• The lack of distracting ads and gifs?

Its all of the above, simple. There really isn't a whole lots to say about this site but seeing as I have to try be constructive, I'll try.

Ok so the site is still fairly new and because of the lack of videos it has me kind of wish that I didnt come across the site for another few months or until there where a couple more projects available. On the site they say that more are in the works and I'm quietly confident that, unlike some sites that vanish as quickly as they appeared, PULSE-TV will come up with the goods.

They provide their own banners etc but unfortunately none of them suit the size/format that I use ... pity.

More content would have gotten this site top marks.


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