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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Demontales: REVIEW 052

Ah, the blog style website, how I enjoy them! Demontales is a fairly young site having only popped up last October put already its found its feet. The logo/banner is strong even if I don't really "get it", it does look a little out of place with the color scheme of the site but it doesnt discract from the content too much.

The content itself is tabloid and some days that just what I want. What is nicely different about this site is that it also features a forum which while its nothing new its not something you see attached to many blogs. As for the forum? Well it seems to be thriving especially given its age. Its not often I add a site I review to my main bookmark folder but I cant help but think that Demontales will throw up a few stories/videos that I might otherwise miss. This site doesnt really have anything that needs fixing - I'm sure its doing exactly what the owner wants it to do.



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