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Monday, April 30, 2007

I Want to Believe: Review 026

The I WANT TO BELIEVE blog is right up my street. Its not just a regular blog with random wafflings, it actually manages to be both casual and informative. The entry on Spirit Photography had the corners of my mouth turning skyward. He's obviously someone with a interest in the paranormal but zero interest in bullshit (applause).

The look of it is "almost" good, the effort has been put in to make it a bit different to standard templates (which include my own!). The annoying things are the jaggy text images (seen here) and the fact that the main body of texts only seems to start a good scroll down the page - what is with that big blank white area?

Its witty and definately worth a read, though if the blogger wants to make an effort on the look of the site they should go all or nothing - the content will carry it as long as the graphics dont distract people too much.

Now it would just be nice to see the blogger return after a years absense!


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