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Wednesday, May 2, 2007 Review 027

With you get same type of thing you see on a million other websites, nothing
special. So why am I even reviewing it? Well when a name of a groups pops up in the news you think for a split second that they must have something going for them ... right? Nope!

Don't get me wrong, I respect that they are out there doing what they do but some things on their site just rub me the wrong way. Their news article which popped them into the spotlight was about some video footage with an orb in it ..... I hate orbs! But it seems I am not alone, Paraquest's own Rick Smith says on the site:
... I really believe that orbs have nothing to do with the paranormal. Orbs simply seem to happen when
taking a picture with a digital camera in the dark with the flash on.
Why is it then that a group who believe that there is nothig paranormal about Orbs have an image gallery of 162 photographs, 108 of which are Orb photos?

The extra credit these guys deserve isn't for their website, which I don't find appealing, but the fact that they organise really face-to-face events in the form of their PARAtalks.


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