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Monday, April 2, 2007

HAUNTED VOICES: Website Review 010

Taking EVP as being one of the most popular and easily accessable areas of research in Paranormal, I decided to look at a few sites dedicated to it.

After trailing through loads of poorly put together sites I found Haunted Voices. Being that it is mainly a discussion forum (as most sites seem to be going down that road) it leaves itself open to having the quailty of its content being in the hands of its members - good & bad. That said it does have alot of interesting pieces on it and its good to have so many examples on a single site.

The discussion and analysis for the most part is very good but I found it hard to concentrate with all the flashing ads and animated text.

In an area clogged up with alot of crap Haunted Voices does a fair job of pulling it together in a manageable format - not a task I'd envy!


1 comment:

Todd Bates said...

Hello Earl,

Thank you very much for the fair evaluation of our website. I am in agreement with everything you said about it and will do my best to get those flaws taken care of. Working with PHPNuke can be very testy but it is worth it to have the interaction. It is a great thing you are doing for the community here and keep up the great work!

Todd Bates
Owner/EVP Instructor
Haunted Voices
"We Hear What You Fear"