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Thursday, April 26, 2007

MIDNIGHT TALES blog: Review 025

The Midnight Tales Blog (or rather Horror Fitness) is a great find. A collection of all things scarey, from stories to images, this blog will make you check the locks before you go to bed.

The tales are well presented and I can't help but enjoy how they are written. The bloggers english isn't perfect but this works to his advantage. His closeness to Transilvania almost adds a sense of romance to this blog.

Alot of the stories will have a familiar feel to them as there are variations on them in every corner of the world. That said if you are going to read them anywhere I would suggest the Midnight Tales Blog as your first port of call.



Aura said...

I love your site! Very cool. Hopefully you will check mine out and like it too. Have a good one!

Anonymous said...

i'm gonna make my own site about it

Anonymous said...

мне кажется: восхитительно. а82ч