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Friday, April 13, 2007 Review 018

PARANORMALIZER says .... "it's gonna be HUGE!"

I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that is going to be a success, for lots of reasons. The main reason is that its very well done, following the formula of the likes of YouTube. As well as that its badly needed. Trying to find anything on YouTube with regards to the Paranormal can be a minefield, with so much repetition and Paranormal used as a tag on so many clips that simply have nothing to do with the subject.

Its hard to judge the site itself because its open to being judged on the content which is down 100% to the people who use the sight. As far as design is concerned its not really important for a project like this as long as its clean, functional and easy to navigate .... and it is.

For the idea and the execution has no faults.


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