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Monday, April 23, 2007 Review 023

Looking around for a half decent location which had a webcam I discovered that there aren't really any that fit that discription. I don't know just how many people out there have webcams pointed at their utility rooms and washing machines but it definately makes the search disheartening!

One website which actually made me look at the cam for more than 3 refreashes was I mean at least when nothing is happening I am looking at a nice lake as opposed to some guy sitting in his makeshift office.

Its an awful website thats impossible to read but it was webcams I was after not content so I can try not to focus on the extremely poor layout and myriad of advertisements.

You can't help but get into it, the slightest shadow gets you excited but chances are you will never see Nessie from either of their 2 cams but the 2 sheep I watched in the field for 5 minutes may well end up in the belly of the beast.


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