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Friday, March 30, 2007

HAUNTED DEVON: Website Review 009

Clearly the people over at Haunted Devon are very professional. The site is very well made, clean design and when these guys go out Investigating they are even covered for insurance ... not many groups bother with that even though I've heard some really horror stories in my time.

Apart from having a good site it seems Haunted Devon actually get out there and do alot of Investigations - infact they don't just go out and do them they do them very well. They write up a about what they expect before a trip and then write up good, informative reports.

One of the things I like about how they do it all is that they dont take an exclusively scientific or spiritual approach - they apply both equally. That said I get bored of seeing the same equipment being used by so many groups.

I found myself saying "Well obviously!" when reading alot of what they say but sites shouldnt just be aimed at people who are well versed and experienced so thats a fault with me and not their content.

As a group they seem to know their stuff and as a website I can't fault it - I even like the sound effects they have playing and I usually hate that crap.


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