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Friday, March 30, 2007

6thSensitive: Website Review 008

I found via his blog here on blogger but its the actually website that catches my attention for now.

Nicely designed but nothing ground breaking as far as websites go. The content of the site however is well laid out and makes for an interesting read. Being that its an individual as opposed to a Paranormal groups it reads very personally. Despite it being Irish it doesnt play up the old 'Land of Myth & Mystery' nonsense ... not a shamrock or leprechaun in sight!

The Gallery contains original photographs which demand that you look closer and actually give them some though - unlike the Orb shots you see on 1000s of other sites.

He has some good ideas on the subject of the Paranormal but over all the site lacks content. Hopefully he'll continue to update the site regularily.


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6th said...

Cheers for the review and the links. I've linked yours on my blog and will put them up on over the weekend