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Monday, March 26, 2007

GHOSTVILLAGE: Website Review 001

Thankfully for GhostVillage I am reviewing their site and not their members. Don't get me wrong they are a great bunch of people but there's a bit too much "High5ing" over the slightest thing for me.

GhostVillage has gotten HUGE since Jeff started it back in 1999 and the success is well deserved. The heart of Ghostvillage has to be the forums but there are times when I read it that its clear its not the brains. Too many people there who big up other 'GhostVillagers' experiences just so they wont have their own questioned. Where as the High5ers are in the majority they are harmless (within reason) its the 'experts' who are there to discount peoples photographs & encounters while claiming that their 'proof' is genuine.

As much as I can dog the feel to alot of Forums there is no doubt that GhostVillage has created a genuinely welcoming enviroment for Newbies & Veterans alike.

As well as the forums GhostVillage shine a spotlight on a good selection of books, DVDs & magazines. They have a shop where apart from the merchandise who can buy the same stuff you can get easily elsewhere on the internet. Its also a must to get your group or expertise listed on and with the link exchange they use its well worth it.

GhostVilage is a community, plain and simple. They dont claim to be the cutting edge of Paranormal Research and why would they want to be?

America seem to lead the way when it comes to volumn in the Paranormal Community & GhostVillage can sleep easy knowing that they are biggest & best the internet has to offer.


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