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Tuesday, March 27, 2007 Website Review 003

So what has been done with possibly the ultimate paranormal URL? .... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! I try to keep the blood pressure down and review with an even hand but these guys got the better of me. Go check out and you'll see an almost criminal waste of a great domain name. I can't believe I'd never looked before out of interest. Maybe if I'd been quicker I could have snapped it up? Needless to say I'm not happy with it. I'd have a bettter chance of finding the Blair Witch on a beach in Miami than I would have finding a Paranormal Enthusiast who thinks this site wouldnt be better selling window clearer (try their search, it might actually be on there!).

Looking at dnScoop it shows as being worth over $32,000, having a Google page ranking of 5 and with 6,287 pages linked to it (and now here) - I have to give them credit for snapping up the name ..... so that something, right?


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