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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

TOMSGADGETS: Website Review 006

Well I wasn't going to review an online store for a while but I found TomsGadgets refreshing. Whoever this Tom is he strikes me more as a tradesman than a crazy scientist, by that I mean his site gives the feel that he actually understands the workings of the equipment he sells.

Its a site that doesnt just sell for Paranormal Investigations but security equipment too so its not just aimed at people who run around in the dark but skilled professionals too. That fills me with confidence.

He doesn't play up the "spooky" side of things like other websites do. The fact is that no readily (or affordable) equipent is made with the sole purpose of Investigating Paranormal Phenomenon.

He sells good quailty basics and a nice range of books though it would be nice to see a wider range of goods like infrared lights to extend nightvision on video cameras.

The absense of gimmicks and ghostly graphics is a plus.


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