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Wednesday, May 23, 2007 Review 032

The New England Society of Paranormal Investigators website has only been around for a few months but the group itself has been going since 2000. With 7 years under their belt their claims are pretty impressive:

No paranormal investigative organization has been more successful than N E S P I in the capturing of and communicating with the unseen through EVP.

Like I said its an impressive claim but I am not sure what its based on? Hopefully once I mail this review to the team someone will stop by with a comment and fill me in.

The website itself is neatly layed out and functional, though the banner is a mish-mash of styles a bit busy. As for content, I was pretty impressed with the main area of focus: EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon).

When compared with what else is out there New England Society of Paranormal Investigators currently isn't anything to scream about. I am sure with the amount of experience the group have they will be building this up over the coming months and I will definately be having a look in again.


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