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Friday, May 18, 2007 Review 030

This is site for the Northern New York Paranormal Research Society. They host the standard content for this type of site but with some added content. They maintain very good photo gallery section; the content here is well worth looking at.

The team seems to be active and the web site provides and interesting record of the team’s movements. The site has a direct simple look to it where people can request membership and request an investigation via e mail.

There is a chat where non members and members can enter to discuss paranormal topics, unlike some sterile chat environments the NNYPS have set aside 20:00 every Sunday (USA time) to have discussions. They also provide phone numbers of some team members if someone wants to discuss paranormal topics with them directly (I’m unsure of the wisdom of this).

The NNYPS also have an on line radio show. Anyone can log in and listen to their current show. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have the space to store an archive of their previous shows; however old shows can be requested via e-mail.

The community aspect of this site is its strongest feature; there is an active on line forum providing a welcoming atmosphere for newcomers and there are enough stimuli to keep regular users coming back.

The weakest feature of the site is the aesthetical appearance of the home page and the site in general. The introduction page is attractive but it leads to a home page that has a dated appearance regardless of how functional it is.


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NNYPRS said...

I don't google my groups name very often. I was so pleased to find you had done a review of our site. I have always been proud of the community atmosphere we have at our website, and I am glad you picked up on that. In fact, our 2 forums have now eclipsed 250 members. Not bad for a small town in Northern NY. Keep doing what you're doing. I am sure you help little guys like ourselves get exposure and we are grateful for that.