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Friday, May 4, 2007 - UPDATES

There's been a bit of a growth spurt since I last posted about the updates on here:

I'm getting a fair few mails too which is great but it would be nice to see more comments left publically on the blog. As well as looking at sites I'm trying to get to as many blogs as possible. A huge amount of groups simply don't have the resources to build up sites so if I ignored blogs I would even begin to touch the Paranormal Community Online.

Here's to a great next few months!

Earl Pursuant

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Frank Madrid said...

My name is Frank Madrid and I am President and Founder of
"The Arizona Paranormal Society". I would like to submit our website for your review which can be found at:
I think the service you are providing is a valid one and I, as well as other paranormal groups, can appreciate the feedback and opinions generated by your review.
Your reviews can alert us of our website strenghths, weaknesses and adjustments that may be needed in order to provide the public with a great paranormal website that is informative, well balanced and entertaining. Thank you for the opportunity to have our website reviewed.

Frank Madrid