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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Shrouded Reality: Review 029 ... nice name, it can be hard to come up with a decent domain when alot of the good ones are taken and wasted.

Anyway it seems like these guys are doing the rounds of getting themselves noticed so I thought I may as well grab them now while they are fresh!

First off the look of the site is one that I could refere to as either common or popular, its beccoming the standard format for so many sites now. The important thing I suppose is what you do with it though right? Besides the banner is nice and "mysterious" and if the font was moved down just a touch it would be even better. Just to note also that Papyrus is quickly becoming "the" Paranormal font.

On to the content:

Its a newish site and still growing so content isn't quite knee-deep yet but they have all the bases covered with regards to sections and general bits-&-bobs. I do like that they are keeping upto date with grabbing News stories off google, its not difficult but so few sites bother to keep up with whats happening.

Being that is a community & forum based website its success will be down to how popular it becomes. There's not much the owners of the site can do about this other than keeping it functioning, fresh and crossing their fingers. There are alot of sites like this popping up but isn't going over the top with cheesey graphics to I'll keep checking in on my rotation of similar sites. It won't be the next Ghostvillage but with a guiding hand it could be up there with AlienHub.


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