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Friday, May 4, 2007

CAIPRS: Review 028

Cape And Islands Paranormal Research Society ... what a long name!

Anyway, this is a group who, despite having a website, aren't really web based. Thats a good thing for a group as its not all about getting content up online and exising purely in a virtual world. They are a local group with local concerns, appearing on local radio and investigating in the surrounding areas of Cape Cod. This means they dont over stretch themselves and can concentrate on doing a good job.

Apart from Investigation and radio these guys also hold Open Lectures Its obvious they are in it for the long haul, which is a real bonus seeing as so many groups pop up and disappear just as quickly now days. Even alot of those that do stick around tend to spend more time reading and writing about the paranormal than actually experiencing it - not the case with CAIPRS.

The actually website is also very good. Some of the banners for the sections (see below) are great quality, its just a pity the whole site hasn't been tied into
a similar style. The sections themselves are (some coming soon) are well sections as not everything is thrown in together.


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