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Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Ok so its not very often I am sent a link to review, I normally go searching myself, so when someone suggests an up and coming website I have to take a peak.

Ok so at first glance Leinster Paranormal has got a nice simple design but not much content .... at second glance its still got a nice simple design but not much content. Still I will review it for what it is.

First off I have to say I do like local groups with local names. It means they have set themselves a manageable area rather than trying to take over the world! With no crazy or wild claims this group seems to have a relaxed and level headed approach do what they can to gather information without jumping to conclusions .... they present what they find and let you judge for yourself.

One thing that is missing that I usually like is a page with a bit about the groups members. Its nice to know a bit about the who & why and makes it all the more approachable. The forum is a nice touch because it gives you the chance to put questions to the members, who seem open to taking peoples ideas and comments onboard.

A bit more about the investigations would be good too rather than just presenting bits and pieces they do find. Sometimes its good to here what has been reported to have been experienced and following the investigation what wasnt found.

So thats it! I guess we site back and watch this fledgling group grow ... or not.



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Andrea said...

I agree with you. They should post a little more about their investigations, but its a new a site. There's room for improvement.

Leinster said...

sites been updated with our web TV station plus a members page ....