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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


So to get away from Ghost & Investigation Groups I decided to go review a site on one of my favorite subjects - BigFoot! Unlike UFO, Poltergeist, Mothman and other paranormal areas this creature seems to draw feelings of affection and an almost romantic aura for those who dip into the subject.

The BigFoot Field Research Organization site has been going for quite some time and unlike alot of others it is still updated regularly.

The site pretty much has it all - research, news articles, facts and it was great to see a map which represents documented sightings over the last number of years.

Its also an admirable resource for gathering together all the well known and lesser know images and video footage - it really is the only Bigfoot site you need to visit!

Of course there has to be bad points and unfortunately this site does fall down in a few places. There are links within the site that led to nothing. The "
Reports Database" link is dead, as is the link back to the homepage here "BFRO Home".

I know content is vital on a site like this but so is ease of navigation, which this site lacks. A over style or design element would really improve the site too.

Along with the design and navigation it would be great to see a forum added, especially at a time when they are so popular and serve as a place were enthusiasts can get together and talk no matter what their geographical location.

I would loved to have given this site a score of 10 but hopefully I'll be stopping back in the future and can give them those extra 3 points.


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