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Monday, August 13, 2007

City of the Dead: Review 038

Not my typical review but just back from a break I thought I'd review some of what the city of Edinburgh has to offer!

I've done Black Hart's City of the Dead Tour a few times now and to be honest I'll do it everytime I head back to Edinburgh. Having read Jan's book The Ghost That Haunted Itself after my first trip I knew this walking tour had potentially alot more to offer than the usual Theatrics. You can find out all about their tours and the Mackenzie Poltergeist on City of the Dead as well as other tours by Black Hart.

The website itself is there purely to give info about the tours, the experiences of those you give the tours and those hundreds of lucky people who've gotten more than just a bump in the night.

With a gallery showing injuries & peoples own accounts you know there's more there than just people trying to make a living from the dead.

Design wise its functional and nice enough to look at but a bit of consistency with the quality of the graphic would be nice.


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Anonymous said...

City of the Dead's web site has been revamped since that time. :)