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Monday, October 15, 2007


NIPS ... don't you just love the name? Makes me think of nipples! Anyway its Northern Ireland Paranormal Society coming in for review No.40.

Yuck! I hate the logo ... someone delete their copy of Photoshop ASAP.

Actually apart from the hideous logo the site is pretty good. I must say I am a fan of their approach and can even point out that I have seen this group (or rather a few of its members) develop from a few groups back.

They've done the right thing is polishing up the group since its last incarnation but I see some phrases and statements slipping in that kinda take away from the appealing casual approach of the past.

"We use the most up to date Digital Voice Recorders on the market today to capture EVP" - they don't need to make statements like this to impress people, especially when they use pretty much the same equipment as most groups. I know whats available to people and I know that the top of the range gear is out of most groups budget. Be happy in knowing that you are doing the best with what you have and that no one expects ground breaking science.

The site is nicely put together and all the clips (audio/video) are good clean quality. The spacing and layout of the pages aren't difficult to follow. If I was to give any advice it would be to keep doing what you are doing but please change that logo!



nips investigator said...

Hello, first of all, thank you for the review, may i highlight a few things in reference to the comments about our website, our motto is "continuing to TARGET the truth" ie: thats why we have a target as a logo. As for NIPS, well its catchy and you will never forget it !! As for the comment about our most up to date digital equipment on the market today, we ll we actually have use of some very expensive & high tech audio equipment that captures infrasound, this sort of equipment is used by audio specialists. We also have use of Thermal imager now, so i think that we may be a little bit more advanced than most groups when it comes to equipment. I hope we have answered the negative points raised in the review, we do take onboard your comments and it is good to hear what people think about us, may i ask one other question, the person who carried out the review of our website stated he knew a few members of our group, may we ask who you are, thanks mike

Paranormalizer said...

Its not that I know them personally but I'm familiar with Anne McKinstrey from her involvement with other groups in the past. Then again its my job to know groups all over the world.

Thanks for the comments and I'll be posting your link on shortly.