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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Ok, I'd like to ask any sites which get reviewed on here to post the above graphic on the website with a link back to

The whole idea of this blog and is to promote good sites and give constructive feedback. There is no charge to be listed on either site - its about supporting the Paranormal Community.


Donald Mckenzie Jr said...

This is a really good paranormal promotional website. Keep up the great work. It's great to educate the public about paranormal activities.

Kentucky Area Paranormal Society said...

We are updating our site and we will for sure post your link on our site.
Kentucky Area paranormal Society

Kentucky Area Paranormal Society said...
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Kentucky Area Paranormal Society said...

That should be better haha

Kentucky Area Paranormal Society said...

We have our new website up and running. We would appreciate you dropping by and reviewing it. All 3 URL's will direct you to the new site.

Anonymous said...

Have just come across your site
Please check out our website
We will of course post links to your site !
Keep up the good work !!!


Anonymous said...

Is Bigfoot Actual or untrue? For more than four hundred years, there have been reporting’s of a guy like creature that's utterly covered in hair.