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Monday, October 22, 2007


KAPS, another new group website. This one is doing it right, not running before they can walk. Its so clean and well laid out but thats not simply because they have very little content. It looks like even when they do start adding to it that the formate will cope well.

Their section on investigations looks good, I especially liked their EVP from Waverly ... good catch guys. I even signed up to the forum which is rare enough simply because I view so many sites.

Anyway the hits counter shows just how new this place is but heres hoping we see this place taking off.

One change I see they have coming is the domain name ... domains and hosting are cheap enough now days and well worth the money. Obviously I would recommend a blog thats editable by the members of the group - its an easy way to post quickly and can get a growing group alot of attention.

On a funny note thought its called KAPS (Kentucky Area Paranormal Society) but the URL says KentuckyRegionalAreaParanormalSociety ... KRAPS! A name which really doesn't apply here.



Kentucky Area Paranormal Society said...

Thanks for the review!! We are in the process of changing over to a website host, we have more evidence we can't get on due to the space limitation where we are at. Stop by anytime!!

Paranormalizer said...

Well I look forward to dropping in when the change over takes place.

Best of Luck.

Desperado said...

Thanks for the review. We really appreciate your visit. As to the name on the URL, well that was a typo, so to speak. When the initials looked that way, we ditched the name, but it was still showing up on our URL. That's where the name "KAPS" was born. LOL. Please drop by anytime, and anything you can do to promote or site, or give advice about content, please feel free to help.

Kentucky Area Paranormal Society said...

The new site is up and running.