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Friday, February 1, 2008


Ok I'm back for another road of reviews! At the moment its a bit easier for me to do them in batches, it gives me time to go back and look at the sites a few times and solidify my opinions etc.

Sometimes it not always easy for me to spot requests when they are comments added to other reviews so if I miss you make sure to post on the most recent one or drop me a mail via

Remember folks to pop a link back to me here along with the review badge.




XHIBIT said...

I stumbled across this site pureply by accident. Even though I dont use the Blogger format and have my own new Paranormal Website, it seems we share some common ideas.
Please feel free to drop by my site LOADED PARANORMAL for review.

Also I've been trying to find where I can get one of your banner logos to post but I'm having a tough time. Thanks. I can be reached at

David James said...

Hello there

I would like to put forward our site for your review if you wish. We produce our own video content purley for the web on the subjects of the Paranormal etc. we have only made one so far but have many more to be produced throughout 2008.

Site is, our goal is to promote the paranormal and other supernatural related sites as a whole and to promote other people who produce their own films etc. on the paranormal and other subjects.