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Friday, February 29, 2008


Time for another blog! UFO MEDIA is only a couple of months old but man does this guy know how to blog! Over 120 posts in 60 days is pretty impressive .... if only I had that much energy.

As I've said before UFO wouldn't be my main area of interest by any means but I can honestly say that I enjoy this blog. Its like a platter of tasty food where I can pick up a bit and have a taste. If I dont like it I spit it out and move on to the next piece.

Video seems to be a huge part of
UFO MEDIA and sure why not? All I would ask is that the author check out and see how that content suits - supporting the paranormal community is what its all about after all.

Design wise its a blog and theres really nothing too it but it really should be on the top of peoples list when it comes to quick, easy to digest bits of interesting info - its almost like having a personal assistant who clips newspaper articles for you.


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