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Friday, February 29, 2008


True Ghost Tales, not a site I had seen before but have to say it after being asked to review it I got a good run and reading all the stories on it.

Its a nice easy-to-read site with a good layout, color palette and fonts. Sure its got ads on it and a few cheesy animated gif files but they aren't that hard to ignore and once you start reading some of the stories on there its hard to stop.

Its covers as broad a range of topics as you can get and the sections are well broken down, not every topic is to my own personal taste but thats the great thing, its easy to avoid the bits you dont like and focus on what you do.

Its not a ground breaking site but it doesnt really have to be. If I am being honest I have to say I went looking for negatives and was hard pressed to find any. That said the Casper section (as much as we all love that guy!) is a step too far with regards to content that just isn't needed not to mention that the youtube content is copywrited material ... but like I said I really had to get picky to find a negative.

The site also has a blog but despite having blog-like content it was missing something - it just doesnt feel or look like a blog.

All in all a good site with interesting content, perfect if you are in the mood for a leisurely read.


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D Slone said...

hanks for the review, I appreciate it. By the way, those Casper cartoons are NOT copyrighted, the are old old shows and are in the public domain.