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Thursday, January 3, 2008


Oh exciting times! 6th (from & 6thsensitive.blogspot) tipped me off to a new group - fresh meat! So here we go.

After Dark Paranormal Research
are a "build from the bones up" type of group/site that looks like it gonna do a good job. They aren't jumping in with screams and hype, which is very refreshing. Taking things at their own pace they are sort of group that will do what they do whether someone is watching or not.

Now to the website:

Its a blog, simple as. No real design except for the banner which is clean and not unpleasant to look at. The content is good, easy to read and I'm liking the youtube clips but obviously would prefere people using and supporting the Paranormal Community.

I don't agree with everything they say on there site, Paranormal Terminology etc but who says I'm supposed to?

Its good and it'll hopefully get better.



ADPRTX said...

Hi Earl....thank you so much for the review. It's great to have other opinions on the site and some advice as well.

I didn't know about but will start using them in the future. Thanks for the info.

First, I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself and how After Dark Paranormal Research began.

My name is Eddie Hill and I am a Police Lieutenant for the Balcones Heights Police Department. I have been involved in Law Enforcement for over 19 years. I am also a Master At Arms with the United States Navy Reserves.

I have always been interested with the paranormal. While growing up, I can remember several things that happened which really caught my attention. I will go into more details when I do this segment on the blog site. Anyway, several years ago, I decided to put together a small team, which would work well together and would be willing to research the paranormal on a professional level. Each team member has a talent which we consider vital to the efforts of the entire team and our investigations. The word T E A M is not just a word with After Dark Paranormal Research.

I have to say that we had a slow start, but we are taking our time and really looking into places that are considered haunted. We know that this type of phenomena is not something that we can just go out and capture, or make come around when we want. So, we keep going back in order to do a good thorough investigation of the place. It’s not the quantity of investigations we do, but the quality of the investigation.

We are going to be working on some different ideas for the video blog. We want to make it more interactive, professional, and fun to name a few. We want to design the site so that the viewer will be able to help with the research and interact with all of us.

We want to keep the show real. We don’t want to use acting or drama to gain an audience like some shows do. We want the viewer to look at any evidence we may gather and help us to determine the outcome of the case. The viewer’s conclusions are important to us as well.

After Dark Paranormal Research is a professional organization. We are all professional researchers seeking answers which are not easily obtained.

We hope that everyone who reads our Blog, watches our videos, or gets involved with any of our investigations will keep that in mind. If we all work together, we may just find the answers we are looking for.

Earl, please continue checking out our blog. Any comments, ideas, or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Eddie Hill
After Dark Paranormal Research

Anonymous said...

please would it be possible to get an early review of my new website, still a lot to do but getting there,