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Monday, November 19, 2007


Ok so the latest update to went well but its definately highlighted that I need to look at the structure. No point reviewing other people's sites when mine is in poor shape!

I hope people are seeing some for of increase in traffic so if you have any comments feel free to post a comment.



True Ghost Tales said...


I would like to request a review of my paranormal website located at

David Slone

Anonymous said...

Hi, would there be any chance you could review my new website and psychic investigation group called CONNECT 2 PARANORMAL ULSTER, it is a new site and i still have a lot still to do but it would be nice to have an early review and to help me with some traffic, thanks so much, Mike Hirons

LALAS said...

Hello There

Can i have this website reviewed:
UFO Media:Collection of ufo videos,sightings and news about ufos.


David said...

Danny from Leinster Paranormal put me on to you. I would be grateful if you would have a look through our website. I am always looking for feedback to improve the site.


David Wenger
Deputy Lead Investigator
The Paranormal Research Association of Ireland

tazps_man said...

May I please submit our website for your review? We are:
"The Arizona Paranormal Society".
We can be found at"
I thank you and hope you enjoy our website.

Frank Madrid-President/Founder